Meet Pamela

Pamela Zamore was born a collector, a lover of fine art, artifacts, vintage jewelry, and decorative arts from around the world. The intention behind her namesake collection is to draw on these inspirations and artistic influences to form a collection of jewelry that is elegant, wearable, and powerful. Using a minimal selection of materials, the richness of the 18-karat gold is illuminated through texture, dimension, and finish. The resulting collection endures beyond trend and fashion, intended to be worn for years to come. Each Pamela Zamore piece is finely crafted by her makers in Rhode Island, who have honed their skill over many decades and take great care in the casting, refining, and finishing of each jewel.

Vintage Inspiration

Pamela draws inspiration from the elegance and glamour of decades past, including iconic style and the time honored quality of vintage Italian gold jewelry.

Camilla Sparv in Emeric Partos. Photographer, Francesco Scavullo

Shape and Form

A longtime lover of art, the designer draws from a visual memory of gallery, museum visits, and travel. Pamela's use of shape and form are highly informed by this influence.

Sculptor Henry Moore sitting before his Sheep Piece, bronze 1971-72 | Hertsfordshire, England. Photo by Paul Joyce.

Ancient Inspiration

Egyptian reliefs such as this, and other archeological artifacts are among Pamela's many fascinations. Inspiration is drawn from the ornamentation, shapes and textures of these earlier cultures.

Shown here, the God Ra-Harakhty, wearing the Solar disk within which lies the sacred scarab.

Style and Legacy

At the center of Pamela's mind is the desire to create something that endures, but is very much of this moment. Drawing on the inspiration of female role models of singular vision, strength, and style, she designs each piece with the intention of it living for generations.

Peggy Guggenheim in the garden of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni in Venice. Photo by Roloff Beny.⁠


Pamela works closely with a small team of exacting jewelers. Located in Rhode Island, where there is a 200 year heritage of jewelry making, they’ve honed their craft over many decades and they take great care in the casting, refining and skillful application of her signature sandblast finish on each 18 karat gold jewel.


Protecting the earth is important to us. Each Pamela Zamore piece is cast with intention from recycled 18 karat gold by our master craftsmen in Rhode Island. All diamonds are ethically sourced. Central to our ethos is the truth that modern luxury has the responsibility of protecting the precious resources of our natural environment.